Bergen Moore
Software, Music, Travel
ph: +1.415.713.7511
Cirriculum Vitae Latin n. Course of Life

Update Oct 2018: took home three more Webbies (18 total?) and an Emmy this year, and the Vignes Rooftop Revival got featured on NPR for being the greenest (and busiest) band in L.A.!

Please visit for current projects, awards, and press.

Playing upright bass and harmonica with The Vignes Rooftop Revival nearly every day in the downtown L.A. Arts District area. Come check it!
Technology Career
Ruby on Rails overhaul of NASA's Global Climate Change site.

Role: Architect, Lead Developer
Application for posting and rating infographics for JPL Infographics Project.

Role: Architect, Lead Developer
Online store for Blue Rooster Art Supplies.

Role: Lead Developer, Manager
2008, 2010-2011
Large multi-department Salesforce CRM and Organizational Process overhaul for Global Exchange.

Role: Architect, Lead Developer
Working with MooreBoeck on a large number of Flash projects for NASA and Jet Propulsion Labs.

Role: Architect, Lead Developer
Air for TV Flight Simulator over Google Map -based Video Game for Adobe.

Role: Architect, Lead Developer, Voice Actor
Integrated Flash CMS for Artists' Portfolio at MooreBoeck.

Role: Architect, Lead Developer
Architecting org-wide Salesforce database for Sri Lankan micro-lending NGO SewaLanka.

Role: Architect, Lead Developer, Outsource Manager
Documenting a nine-month solo motorcycle journey through India at Where's Bergen

Role: Auto-documentarian
Flash and Cold Fusion overhaul of NASA and Jet Propulsion Labs

Role: Lead Developer
Flex development and architecture in portfolio for Gensler Architects

Role: Senior Developer
Actionscript programming and Flash development for Starbucks' Planet Green Game

Role: Actionscript Developer
Flex development in video sharing site (Sony's version of YouTube) Crackle

Role: Actionscript Developer
Architecting and building a custom Record Label CRM and Band Management Tool for Harmony Machine Records and Mission Underground Records

Role: Architect, Developer
Director of Online Technology, Global Exchange
Worked at Global Exchange 6-10 months out of each year, building content management, database, advocacy and e-commerce systems on a project basis.
2002-2009 Other Projects
Flash Developer (Actionscript), Web Architect:, Visa Credit Cards, CalTrans, many more
Web Developer, Sound Engineer, Musician for Z.O.N.K.
1996-2002 Employment
Java Developer, Lead Web Designer: Wedding Channel
Software Developer: USWeb/CKS (Levi's, Timberland, IBM PC, many more)
Account Executive: Federal News Service, St. Petersburg, Russia
Web Designer: Georgetown University Art Department
B.S. with Honors, Major in Language, Minors in Computer Science & Studio Art: Georgetown University.
Captain, Georgetown University Rugby Football Club.
Architecting and designing custom data and web solutions, often utilizing MySQL, PostgreSQL or Salesforce, Ruby on Rails, Flex/Flash or PHP/Java/ColdFusion and HTML5, and Social Networking APIs. Modest audio and (rhythmic, storytelling) video creation/recording/editing experience. Strength: Experience in and management of database architecture, software development, graphic design, sound design and user interface. Basically, I like to work on cool projects with people I respect, and create solutions that are elegant, almost artistic in a technological sense.
Music Career
Live Performance
2011 Musical: Ozma of Oz (Cutting Ball Theatre)
2001-2008 Over 100 Live shows, solo tours, supporting tours (B-52s, Concrete Blonde)
2005 Half Human (Harmony Machine)
2004 Our Five Worst Songs (Harmony Machine)
2002 Tongue in Cheeks (Mission Underground)
2001 To Play is to Win (Mission Underground)

Role: Founder, Bass, Guitar, Harmonica+Effects
Aliza Hava
2010 4-Song Demo (Commissioner Gordon)

Role: Bass, Harmonica
Intangible Moralism Television (Public Access) / The DILFs
Film/Video for Television (Recording)
2008 Music direction for 4-6 art/comedy shorts per month

Role: Musical Director, Upright Bass, Harmonica+Effects
The Porchsteps
2008 Bring Me Back (Amazilia Records)

Role: Upright Bass
Los Kung Fu
2005 LP (Mission Underground)

Role: Producer, Recording Engineer
Valerie Orth
2003 4-Song Demo (Mission Underground)

Role: Recording Engineer
International Travel

2013 Buenos Aires, Argentina (2 weeks work)
2013 Patagonia: Argentina, Chile (2 weeks trekking)
2012 Cuba (14 days architecture tour and music training)
2011 Tokyo, Japan (5 days travel)
2011 North Korea (10 days people-to-people tour leading)
2011 Thailand (1 month travel)
2010 Azerbaijan, Georgia (1 month travel)
2009 Sri Lanka (1 week travel, 1 month work)
2009 India (9 months motorcycle travel + tour leading)
2007 British Colombia (2 weeks motorcycle travel)
2004 Nepal, China, Thailand (1 month trekking, travel)
2003 Honduras (2 weeks scuba training)
2002 China (2 weeks travel)
1999 Europe (3 weeks travel: Netherlands, France, Italy)
1997 Sydney, Australia (5 months study abroad)
1997 Europe (2 months Eurail travel: Germany, Norway, England, Ireland, France, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland)
1996 St. Petersburg, Russia (5 months study abroad) + travel to Germany, Ukraine, Estonia, Finland
1996 Moscow, Russia (3 months work) + travel to Norway
1992 Russia (2 weeks) + Netherlands